We in Edubox Global play a critical role in reducing poverty, income inequality and fast tracking development in Africa via promoting inclusive education.

Imagine life without the ability to read or do basic math. For 56% of elementary-aged Youth around the world who don’t meet minimum reading proficiency standards, the future can look bleak.

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

In line with the slogan “One man can change the world, but everybody should try” Edubox Global in its quest to empower leaders and communities around Africa request support from every individual.
Please consider making a special donation to help us promote inclusive education in Africa.
Your contribution will support our mission to address communities’ pressing needs by empowering future leaders.
Every dollar counts!

What is Edubox Global?

Edubox Global is an organization with a mission to enrich human development and a leading platform facilitating funding opportunities for education of Africans within and outside the continent. The opportunities for growth are limitless if quality education is accessible and properly utilized.

How much can i donate?

Any amount you can afford. 

What impact have your program created?

Our programs have impacted over 10,000 lives. Full details of each programs impact can be found in our impact reports.

Why Donate to Edubox Global

Financial transparency, low overhead (87% goes to programs in country), high impact on the ground. We work with local communities, businesses, government, and schools to create curriculum made for students in Africa. We work within the existing education systems to help the students succeed academically.