Leadership Masterclass

This is a program that aims to improve the skills, abilities of the participants to become great leaders as well as develop leaders at all levels with respect to their current skills and desired capabilities. The program vary massively in complexity and style. Coaching and mentoring are the two core attributes of the Leadership Development program used to guide and develop emerging leaders.

It also aims to creates a world class leadership development platform which equip participants with the specific leadership skills, tools and behaviours they need to confidently lead others and drive the performance of their team or organization.

Coaching being among the core attributes is the best method leaders leverage to unleash their full potential. Which goes a long way in positively influencing employee engagement and productivity. This program will expose participants with numerous skills which include influence and negotiation, design thinking, change management, accountability, effective communication, self awareness, relational skills and focus on evidence based leadership skills to prepare for the shift from managing self to managing others in the future.

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